For the garden from Annette in Whangaparaoa. 

I have used it to get rid of blight on my tomatoes, and how it worked! I diluted it with some of the organic garden sprays with fish oil (aqua something) and water, shook the bottle well and sprayed for dear life.


Everyone up here had problems with blight and rust this year as it was so hot and no rain.

And everyone else chucked their tomatoes.

I cut them back and sprayed with Kanuka oil and voila!! That is two months ago and many many tomatoes later....

It also worked on my watermelons and pumpkins.


I made sure I sprayed in the evenings. I am not sure if it will work on slugs. I have no problems with slugs anymore. I put a layer of salt around my plants (on the ground around the container) and I pour salt in all the crevices they could hide at night. The this year I tried putting out small bowls of beer and it worked! All the slugs went for the beer.

No caterpillars, whitefly or aphids either. Tried all the online tips, tweeked them and found that companion planting, particularly using marigold, onions, garlic and mint as well as heaps of wormcastings, then spraying with your wonderful Kanuka oil mixed with fish oil at night, have kept all the nasties away. I stopped spraying two weeks ago and instantly got tomato worm.


I tell you, you can take over the world with that oil!

Last new years was spent at Great Barrier Island and during a visit to Port Fitzroy I bought some kanuka balm to put on my many insect bites which were a result of our camping trip, and I loved it!!  I have nearly used the whole pot and offer it around to all my flatmates, it has cleared away athletes foot, a  skin rash, and many insect bites.  Thank you very much, I love your product!
Pearl - Nov 06

Hi Sven,
I have applied your kanuka oil to a gaping leg wound on my horse 7 days ago and although her wound is fleshy there is absolutely no sign of infection or redness, swelling etc. I am using the kanuka oil as an ingredient in my salve, along with Manuka oil and other things. It does seem tremendous and it is safe for deep wounds and gashes (diluted), particularly wounds that have a potential for bacterial contamination. It also keeps flies away from the wound, an attribute I am grateful for. Believe it or not I have treated several horses now, with various ailments and dogs and cats and even roosters. Currently I am treating a horse with pododermatitis of her back fetlocks, a bacterial/fungas infection, of course using kanuka oil and other ingredients. This condition usually takes months to go away and already only after several weeks there is much improvement. I believe that kanuka oil is very synergistic, meaning that it combines very well with other healing oils and herbs to enhance healing.  It's kind of like magic really. I could go on and on extolling the virtues but....
Kind regards
Alicia - June 2005

Hi, Sven:
I'm writing as a recent convert to "Kanuka Supporter"! Frankly, when my wife and I visited your facilities and listened to your description of the healing properties of Kanuka oil, I was skeptical - it just sounded too good. Well, I've used the oil directly on cold sores/ herpes/ mouth ulcers (you pick the name) and without doubt it's the very best product, including medication prescribed by doctors, I've ever used. While it doesn't reduce the length of time the ulcer lasts, it nearly eliminates all the symptoms - wonderful. If you ever want a testimonial, you've got it.
Noumea, New Caledonia - 2004

Hi Sven
Remember me? It's Eva from Amsterdam. A few weeks ago I had a bad fall from my bicycle. Unfortunately, the point of impact was my face. Kissed the pavement in a major way. I was scraped off the street by the ambulance team with a giant spatula (or it felt that way) then told about stitches and scars. AAHHG. While its a little late in life to be a beauty pageant queen I nonetheless did not like hearing about the scars that would be running all over my facial landscape. I was swollen, blue and purple and bleeding alot. yuck. Anyway onto your kanuka balm. Smeared the stuff all over my face as often as I could and no one can believe how I look just three weeks later. Other than a still swollen nose there's nothing to be seen of my fall. Pretty good stuff you got there. Sooo.... I'd like to order more.